Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reliving the Good Ol' Days

Have you noticed when you listen to a favorite old song from way back when, when you were growing up you could almost feel yourself there again? Or maybe an old TV show you used to watch? I feel that way when I play some of the old games we used to play when we were kids. :)

I found these games from the 80's trivia craze dayz. You remember when you played Trivial Pursuit or Super Quiz?

Trivial Pursuit was just too hard for a kid my age but Super quiz was waay better and easier. At least I could answer some of the questions and I felt a lot smarter at the end of the game. When I played Trivial Pursuit... well it was just too hard for a 10yr old.

You can recapture those feelings you had in those days with these two games. Super Quiz and Super Quiz II. See it here in

Each box has 6 categories. The Super Quiz II has 3 expertise levels in 6 categories. Mostly Music, TV, Spelling, Famous People, Leisure & Travel, Pot Luck

And Super Quiz has Sports, History, Science, Geography, Words, Movies

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