Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Every Farm Needs a Bull.

Every farm needs a bull.

My son has his own talents. Someone bought him some clay for Christmas one year.
He decided he wanted to make some fridge magnets with it. The smart little cookie took a bull off of an old trophy someone had from the 4H club. He pressed the bull into clay. Then he let that dry then painted and glazed it. Voila! A mold to make many many bulls. Wasn't that clever?

Then he pressed the clay back into his mold making sure every little nook and craney had clay in it. Ever so carefully he pulled the clay out and fixed any little cracks or tears that happened. He would then dry them, paint and glaze them and glue a magnet onto the back. Aren't they cute?

He did the same thing with horses, cows and cowboys riding horses. They are simply adorable.

This magnet is about 3.5 inches high with a good strong magnet to hold your grocery list on the fridge. His listing is here in my etsy shop


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