Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Goldmine In Crafting Supplies

I am always on the look out for sales and deals on my favorite mediums to work with. My eyes are automatically scanning everywhere I go for the bright twinkle of beads and bold color yarns.

The other day I was in my local thrift shop, which happens to be in a small room at the back of one of the heritage churches in my little town of Clinton. On that particular day, they were holding their monthly "bag sale".

If you are not clear on what a "bag sale" is all about I will tell you. At the particular shop I visit, a lady welcomes you at the door with a smile and a white, plastic, grocery bag. Anything you can get into the bag is on sale. Fill the bag and tie it. They are adamant that you must be able to tie the bag. Each bag costs $3.00. They have a limit of 5 bags per person.

Personally, I love thrift stores. I know for a fact, that no matter how much money I make, I will always go to thrift shops and second hand stores. I find all kinds of cool and interesting things there. If you are into anything "vintage", then you probably know what I'm talking about.

But on this particular day that I was in there, I found a mountain of brand new yarn. I was in crocheters heaven! I found balls and balls of matching lots. I found baby yarn, Red Heart yarn, Astra yarn, and gorgeous yarns for sweaters.

I filled the bags and I had about 4 bags full! WOWeee!

My head has been spinning ever since planning and deciding what to create with each different color. On Sunday, I spread all the yarn out that I bought and what I already have stored here at home to see what looks good together. Checking to see if I already had some of the same yarn types and weights to make a larger project and just reveling in the wonderful colors of yarns!

Okay I was a bit distracted off my original idea for this post by all that yarn. LOL

Not only did I find all that lovely yarn, but I also found more than 10 packages of brand new and sealed hem /eam facings. Many many colors and sizes.

You can see from the pictures how much stuff I crammed into those 4 bags. But I was taking it all! LOL

If you were to take the time to add up what I could have spent going to a retail store for the same amount of yarn. Whew!

Let's say each ball of yarn costs an average of $3 each (and that doesn't include taxes which is 12% here) and each seam binding is about $1 ea.
There were about 54 full balls of yarn. I counted only the ones that had at least 3/4 unused.

I would have spent a little over $160 dollars and another $10 for the binding packages.

I picked it all up for a mere $12.

So my point is, don't over look thrift stores. Sometimes people just want to thin out their collection of stuff and give it away. Im really glad they gave it to the thrift store though. It not only benefited me and my compulsive yarn habbit but it also helped a charity in my local area.

A win win for everyone!


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